VECOPLAN Chipper line, YC 2009


Chipper line with metal detector and biomass chipper VECOPLAN VTH 105/60/4В
SKU: 1400-02

Feeding table

Scraper conveyor

Vibrating trough type VR 105/60

      Trough width 1050mm

      Trough height 600mm

      Trough length 9.5 m

      Conveying speed min. 10 m / min

      Drive power 11 kW

      Metal-free zone 3.5 m long

      Screening zone 1 m 

 Metal detector Tunnel coil MSG1250 Maxi

      Search width 1350 mm

      Search height 1200 mm

      Total height 1600 mm

      Clear width 1900 mm

      Total width 2300 mm

      Depth 1100 mm

      Electric cabinet type MSG 1000 with LED displays

 Biomass chipper VTH 105/60 / 4B

     drive power 2 x 200 kW

     Operating voltage 400 V

      Frequency 50 Hz

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