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Packet finger-jointing linie HOWIAL, YC 1993


High capacity through continuous production chain by combination of:
Wide packet milling machine
Quick press for intermittent processing,
Travelling crosscut saw
SKU: 0400-02

Finger jointing line consists of

HOWIAL Crosscut saws AS 29
pneumatically controlled bottom table compound miter saw with automatic feed to the transport and positioning of workpieces for the automatic  Capping.
Control the saw by special photo cell to detect fluorescent line markings.
Automatic detection possible.
Saw motor power 4.5 kW
saw blade Ø 500 mm
drive approx. 2 x 0.75 kW
air pressure 6 bar
feed speed continuously about 130 m / min.

Waste band

HOWIAL roller conveyor RO-2
Length approx. 5.5 m roller conveyor
Transport speed sync with compound saw.
Approx. 350 mm width of the rollers
RollenØ 80 mm

HOWIAL cross passing ÜT-4
Cross delivery including packing and stand.
To the packaging for 4 pieces of work for the milling machine and removal of the
complete package.

Automatic width adjustment
in the complete system level input on the text display with error message, as well as automatic crimping pressure adjustment

HOWIAL finger-jointing milling  machine HV 06/L
Package width of the table approx. 350 mm
Working height 260 mm
2 milling spindles (direct drive) 2 x 22 kW
2 hoggers 2 x 7,5 kW

HOWIAL chain conveyor ÜT-3
7 chain conveyors
7 Board Buffer

HOWIAL finger joint gluing press VP 140
Longitudinal press force max. 120 kN (12t) at 250 bar
Working width up to 280 mm
working height up to 80 mm
Drive power of hydraulic unit 15 kW

HOWIAL cross-cut saw AS 26
pneumatically controlled
for connection to the finger joint gluing press
saw motor power 4,5 kW
saw blade Ø 500 mm

Electronic length measurement EM 2
for length measurement of the glued workpieces
with 50 programming options for length and number of pieces


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