Edge banding machine BRANDT KD 66, YC 1999


Workpiece width of min. 65 mm
Workpiece length of min. 160 mm
Workpiece height min-max 8-40 mm
Edge thickness min-max 0,4-8 mm
Feed 11 m / min
Fixed stop at right
Glue specification glue roll
Hot melt gluing unit
Edge magazine roll 3 mm
Edge magazine Strip edge magazine solid 8 mm
Pressure zone straight
Caps chamfer straight
Chamfer/RADIUS milling: 1 per page
Profile scraper: Up/down, 1 per page
Buffing unit: Up/down, 1 piece
Manual height adjustment
Connection 400/50 v / Hz
Machine dimension 4500 mm x 1300 mm x 1800 mm
Weight 1400 kg
SKU: 0700-01