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Block gluing press for BSH, YC 2008

Hydraulic, 2 blocks, separately controllable Maximum gluing length 13500 mm -Gluing width 400 mm min.-gluing width 105 mm 17 cylinder Automatic pressure setting

Film wrapping machine with shrink tunnel Sotemapack Totalpack 50 YC 2000

Film wrapping machine with shrink tunnel Sotemapack Totalpack, Made in Italy Packaging unit: Max width 300 mm Min length 800 mm Min. height 18 mm Max height 250 mm PE film 40-80 my Roll of film with Max width 350 mm

Drum chipper Drevostroj SDOP 600/3, YC 2015

Chipper plantage consists of: 1. Drum chipper Drevostroj SDOP 600/3 2. Vibrating chute 3. Scraper conveyor for the chips 4. Chip distributor for Containers 5. Control cabinet and control panel

Canter line Drevostroj, 2007 YC

Only canter, without multiripsaw (can be installed) Work in round with one canter. Log diameter 12 – 28 cm Log length 2,5 – 4 m Infeed speed 35 m/min Electrical power 120 kW

Plant for the production of wood pellets Amandus Kahl, overhauled

Plant for the production of wood pellets Amandus Kahl, overhauled Power up to 800 kg / h

Equipment, for producing and laminating of plywood, format 1200 x 2400 mm, 2016 YC

Equipment, for producing and laminating of plywood, format 4 x 8 feet, (1200 x 2400 mm) 2016 Y.C. Capacity: 1200 m³/ month in 3 shift in plywood, 3000 v³ in laminating. Materials: dreyed veneer (a part of veneer can be row and dreyed in dreyer)

Dryer SwissCombi, YC 1992/2014

Dryer, Manufacturer Swiss Combi, Switzerland Production Year: 1992, General overhaul, new control, electrics in 2014 Evaporation capacity: max. 10.000l/h in following conditions: Burner with a total of 10MW, working temperature 500-600°C

Planer for timber WEINIG Hydromat 30, YC 1989

WEINIG HYDROMAT 30, YC 1989, 5 spindle Planing width: 300 mm Planing height: 200 mm Spindle assembly: 1. spindle down 7.5 KW 2. spindle right 11 KW 3. spindle left 11 KW 4. spindle top 18,5 KW 5. spindle down 18.5 KW

Pellet line KAHL, NEW

Pellet line / pellet system total output 20 t/h Consists of 4 KAHL pellet presses with a capacity of 5 t/h each The system is new, ready for delivery

Four-side planing machine REX Bigmaster HOMS 310, YC 2004

Four side planer Planer REX Bigmaster HOMS 310 Replaceable planer heads - K shaft bottom - A shaft top - D Vertical shaft right - FR Vertical shaft light - FL Beveling device top - AFV2 Medium feed unit - MVG 2 2. horizontal top spindle planing / profiling 2. horizontal ...

VECOPLAN Chipper line, YC 2009

Chipper line with metal detector and biomass chipper VECOPLAN VTH 105/60/4В

Technolegno brushing machine, YC 2001

working width 300 mm 2 brush units, motor power 2.2 KW feed power 4,4 /6,3 kW

IST UV drying with IR drying tunnel , YC 2000

UV drying with IR drying channel UV dryer with 5 lamps working width 300 mm (conveyor belt missing) IR-dryer with 5 lamps working width 300 mm Driven roller conveyor

Debarker Cambio 600, YC 2015

Technical Specifications Feed speed, up to: 130 m/min Rotor opening: 620 mm Minimum log diameter: 100 mm Rotor motor: 75 kW Feedwork motor: 15 kW Rotor lubrication: Compressed air Weight: 10,500 kg

Knife Ring Flaker Maier MRZ 1400 MR 48, YC 1991

Crane with swing arm Knife ring removal Direct drive Door locking device Lining of casing Rotor brake Air guiding Rotor Annular space seal Vibration conveyor

Packet finger-jointing linie HOWIAL, YC 1993

High capacity through continuous production chain by combination of: Wide packet milling machine Quick press for intermittent processing, Travelling crosscut saw

Package crosscut saw HOLTEC, YC 1992

Package mass: Width max. 1400 mm Height max. 1200 mm Transport of the rollers Roller spacing: 570 mm Length of roller conveyor 1500 mm

Wide Belt Sanding machines BÜTFERING STO 213, YC 2006

Calibrating and Fine Sanding wirth 2 Heads Working width: 1350 mm Abrasive belt width: 1370 mm Abrasive belt lenght: 1900 mm 1. Calibrating with the contact roller lowered 18,5 kW 2. Head 15 KW contact roller air cushion pad only Air speed 18 m/sec Total connected load 36 kW Workpiece thickness 3 - 150 mm

Edge banding machine Brandt KDN 630, YC 2017

Specifications: Edge thickness: 0,4 -12 mm Panel height min: 8 mm Panel height max: 60 mm Coil cut-off 3 x 45 / 1 x 65 mm Feed speed: 16 meter per min Machine length: 4860 mm

Edge Banding machine IMA ADVANTAGE 320, YC 2010

Edge banding machine IMA Advantage 320 Technical specifications Workpiece length min. 150 mm Workpiece width min. 65/150 mm with max. workpiece thickness of 25 mm Workpiece thickness min. 8 mm 12 mm (with profile scraper blade) max. 60 mm (with SKF) Technical data "Edge material" Roll material without foil: Paper edges and plastic edges 0.3 - 3.0 mm veneer edges 0.5 - 3.0 mm ...

Coating mashines for parquet industry with UV lacquers and UV oils, YC 2016

Lacquering line for parquet industry with UV lacquers and UV oils, BJ 2016 Manufacturer SOEST, Holland Working width 600 mm Consists of: Applicator with 2 rollers, for color application Polishing machine for UV oil polish, brushing 2 + 1 UV drying with 3 lamps

Production line for briquette NIELSEN, STELLA, YC 2010

Production line for briquette Nielsen with belt drying Stella Capacity up to 5500 kg briquettes per hour STELLA belt dryer, with a capacity of up to 5500 kg water evaporation Briquetting line with 4 presses Nielsen BP 6500, YC 2009 Briquette diameter 90 mm

Extraction system KRÄMER, YC 2013

Capacity: 22,000 kub.m. per hour fan Höcker Polytechnik motor 37 kW YC 2000
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