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Joinery Machine HUNDEGGER K2i -1250,YC 2013


Joinery machine HUNDEGGER K 2i-1250 is a high-performance machine for all solutions for solid wood processing and for economical joining of construction and glued timber.
SKU: 0600-03

K2i basic machine
Additional equipment and extensions:

Processing cross section 300 x 1250
Frame extension of the K2i to 15.40 m
Requirement: Extension of feed cross conveyor
infeed roller conveyor for wood lengths up to 19 m (incl. drive motor)
5-axis universal milling unit - UF5
Horizontal saw 11 kW
turret milling unit - vertical
Aggregates for combination support vertical
Drilling rig 2.2 kW - vertical
drilling direction
Drilling rig reinforced 3,0 kW - vertical drilling direction
Vertical finger milling machine 5,5 Kw
Aggregates for combination support horizontal
Drilling rig reinforced (3,0 kW) horizontal
drilling direction Slot device 7,5 kW with counter holder

Additional units
Slot device 7.5 kW
mounted on operator side Marking/Labelling
Label printer at the control panel
Automatic measurement / line laser for component referencing
Disposal / control unit for disposal with control buttons
Conveyance / extension of roller conveyor with liftable rollers up to a component width of 1250 mm
Additional 5-armed wooden shelf
Additional screen in the ejector area 

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