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Crosscut saw HOLTEC Vario Cut SHK ,YC 2001


Crosscut saw Vario Cut SHK ,YC 2001
SKU: 1700-03

Package cross-cut saw HOLTEC Vario Cut SHK
with waste disposal scraper conveyor, year 2001
Packet crosscut saw with mobile stack carriage and stationary cross-cut saw.
The package is positioned by means of an electrically controlled trolley.
It is possible to cut partial packages to any desired package height.

Technical data:
Saw chain 160 cm
Guide rail 160 cm
Max. Package 1.2 x 1.2 m
saw drive 17 KW
HOLTEC disposal drag conveyor
2 chain leg Conveyor
width 600 mm
Horizontal conveying length 8200 m
Horizontal arc length 1880 m
Arc segment 45 °
Length of ascending scraper joints 2040mm
height of stack 450 mm
discharge height 2270 mm
Width of clamping station 980 mm
Width of drive station 1400 mm
Total weight 2139 kg
drive 1,1 KW

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