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Band sawmill with log band saw Canali Primultini Nicholson Bruks Esterer Vollmer

Complete sawmill log feeding for log length 3 -5 meters diameter up to 1,2 meter Metal detector Mesutronic Log crosscut saw Root reducer Bruks Nicholson debarker Log band saw Primultini - 3 trestles band saw Canali-Pacific with 1600 mm rollers Primultini twin band resaw Trimming circular saw Esterer BNK 200 Green- sorting with belt boxes Packing Complete disposal with drum chipper ...

circular sawing machine ESTERER DK 90 T1 P, YC 1992

circular sawing machine ESTERER DK 90 T1 P, YC 1992 With 2 adjustable saws Cut height to 160 mm Engine 110 kW With mechanisation in the finish and outlet

Chipper canter saw combination WD FR18 YC 1985

Complete arrangement from module separation cross conveyor with cut saw Centring WD H80 Chipper canter saw combination WD FR18 2 chipper unit 75 kW Chipper disk distance 48 – 380 mm 1 centrl cut saw 2 x saw waves 75 kW Automatic adjustment of chipper disk, saw waves Feed speeds 37 and 75 m / min 2 powered roller conveyor with laying Flume vibrated under the ...

Chipper canter profiling line LINCK VM45/V30, YC 1990-2005

wood length 3 - 5,3 m round spar diameter 10 - 50 cm Feed 30 and 60 m/min Maximum 8 side boards per log Consists of : - Log feeder with separating stop - Block train with measurement - Log turning device - Pull-in turning device LINCK - Chipper 1: LINCK VM 45, year 2005 - Chipper 2: Linck V 30 - 2 profiling trimming unit LINCK VPP 34 - 2 sawing unit for cutting trimmed side boards ...

Profiling and chipping equipment Linck ValonKone Ahlstrom Heinola Bruks

Profiling and chipping equipment : Linck, ValonKone, Ahlstrom, Heinola, Bruks YEAR 1996-2007 annual capacity 500,000 m ³/year log- length 2.5-6.3 m log diameter 10-60 m Lateral boards per master max: 8 Feed speed: 40-105 m / min, frequency controlled Sort boxes: 50 lumber package size 2 (width) x 4.8 (elevation) meters

Gate Möhringer 700, BJ 2006

Gate Möhringer 700, BJ 2006 With fast feeder Lifting height 700 mm feed up to 24 m / min Main motor 160 kW block trains + drop Cabin with control Splitting wedge with chain extension Gate roller table with cross conveyor for main product and cross conveyor for side goods hydraulic Control cabinet, control Siemens S7