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Machines for timber construction / Manufacture of a glulam

Block gluing press for BSH, YC 2008

Hydraulic, 2 blocks, separately controllable Maximum gluing length 13500 mm -Gluing width 400 mm min.-gluing width 105 mm 17 cylinder Automatic pressure setting

Planer for timber WEINIG Hydromat 30, YC 1989

WEINIG HYDROMAT 30, YC 1989, 5 spindle Planing width: 300 mm Planing height: 200 mm Spindle assembly: 1. spindle down 7.5 KW 2. spindle right 11 KW 3. spindle left 11 KW 4. spindle top 18,5 KW 5. spindle down 18.5 KW

Joinery Machine HUNDEGGER K2i -1250,YC 2013

Joinery machine HUNDEGGER K 2i-1250 is a high-performance machine for all solutions for solid wood processing and for economical joining of construction and glued timber.

Press for cross laminated timber (CLT), YC 2011

Press for cross laminated timber (CLT), for building consruction Max. press length 13,7 m max. press width 3,55 m Hydraulic cylinder, 14 rank, each with 6 cylinders Glue application OEST PUR-glue Mobile table for loading wooden panels Total weight approx. 140 tons

Сircular saw SMB SKS 550, YC 2006

Marking with chalk 1. exit roller conveyor with gravity roller 2. roller conveyor Control SIEMENS S7