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Drying chamber / heating systems

Thermal oil boiler VAS Turboden, YC 2003, overhaul 2016

Boiler plant VAS 4.2 MW ash slide 2 trough chain conveyors MAXXTEC heater ORC electrical maximum power 700 kW Turbine T600 Electric cabinets with PLC control Safety heat exchanger Thermal oil pumps cooler diesel pumps collection tank surge tank Economizer heat recovery in a thermal oil heat exchanger

Drying kiln WSAB Lignomat YC 2000

Volume 3 х 100 m3 Width of one camera 13 m

Dryer SwissCombi, YC 1992/2014

Dryer, Manufacturer Swiss Combi, Switzerland Production Year: 1992, General overhaul, new control, electrics in 2014 Evaporation capacity: max. 10.000l/h in following conditions: Burner with a total of 10MW, working temperature 500-600°C

Combined heat and power plant POLYTECHNIK- MAXXTEC YC 2009

Electricity generation 560 kW Heat generation up to 4 mW Fuel: biomass, wood residues from sawmills, bark, shavings, sawdust with natural moisture Boiler output 3950 kW Power generation: hot water 80 ° C 2800 kW / h, electricity 560 kWh

Heating system URBAS 6500 kW, YC 2001

Nominal heat output 6000 kW Fuel heat output 7500 kW Combustion chamber temperature 850 - 950 °C For chipped wood

Bioflamm Heating systems, YC 2006

Bioflamm Heating systems, on woodworking waste Power range: 750 kW Fuels: Pellets, wood chips, timber materials Max. water content: 25% Made in Germany