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Used woodworking machines

Mechanization for planing line multi-blade saw HIT YC 2014

Mechanization for planer, multi-blade saw Wood length up to 8 meters Consists: Cross conveyor for packages destacker cross conveyor Magazine with accelerator, feed up to 50 m / min Roller table after the planing machine cross conveyor

Complete laminated timber lines KEMPF, REX, DIMTER, WOOD EYE, EISSELE, YC 2008

Complete laminated timber lines KEMPF, REX, DIMTER, WOOD EYE, EISSELE, YC 2008 Max. length of the wood: 12 m Max. work piece width by finger jointing line: 210 mm Board length at the entrance: max. 4,5 m Work piece length by finger jointing line, cut: 20 - 150 cm Optimisation with WOOD EYE scanner arrangement Input width in the press: max. 400 mm

Chipper canter line with profiler LINCK, YC 1985

Technical details: log diameter 10-34 cm sideboards 4 pc. Log length 3 - 6 m Infeed speed 57 m/min Chipper canter Linck V 30 Chipper canter Linck V 25 Profiler Linck VPS 22 Profiler Linck VP 22 Multiripsaw Linck MK 20D1 Conveyors for waste, sieve Rudnick Enners

Thermal oil boiler VAS Turboden, YC 2003, overhaul 2016

Boiler plant VAS 4.2 MW ash slide 2 trough chain conveyors MAXXTEC heater ORC electrical maximum power 700 kW Turbine T600 Electric cabinets with PLC control Safety heat exchanger Thermal oil pumps cooler diesel pumps collection tank surge tank Economizer heat recovery in a thermal oil heat exchanger

Profiling and chipping equipment Linck ValonKone Ahlstrom Heinola Bruks

Profiling and chipping equipment : Linck, ValonKone, Ahlstrom, Heinola, Bruks YEAR 1996-2007 annual capacity 500,000 m ³/year log- length 2.5-6.3 m log diameter 10-60 m Lateral boards per master max: 8 Feed speed: 40-105 m / min, frequency controlled Sort boxes: 50 lumber package size 2 (width) x 4.8 (elevation) meters

Planing machine LMC Planermac 6755, 6 spindles, YC 2009

Spindle: 1. Horizontal-bottom 22 KW 2. Vertical-left 15 KW 3. Vertical right 15 KW 4. Horizontal-top 22 KW 5. Horizontal-top 22 KW 6. Horizontal-bottom 22 KW Technical specifications: Working width 755 mm Working height 180 mm Feed motor 15 KW Feed rate up to 36 m / min Connection 50 Hz 380 V Spindle diameter 50 mm

Drying kiln WSAB Lignomat YC 2000

Volume 3 х 100 m3 Width of one camera 13 m

Cutting for timber packs CMS MI 120 EL, YC 1997

Max. Package size: Width 1200 mm Height 1200 mm Length 6.5 meters Powered roller conveyor Electronically adjustable stop sword saw Flat conveyor belt for disposal Transport conveyor for disposal high suction

Planer for building timber Kupfermühle VUIN PLUS 600, YC 1990

Specifications: Working width 600 mm Working height 250 mm (2 sided processing) Working height 200 mm (4 sided processing) Number of spindles 5 Spindle location: bottom-top - r + l -bottom Top blade shaft 11 kW Bottom blade shaft 15 kW right knife shaft 11kW Left knife shaft 11 kW Additional shaft 11 kW Feed speed 5 - 30 m / min Feed Motor 4.0 kW Feed the power ...
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