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Pellet line Salmatec, YC 2009

Pellet line / pellet system Manufacturer Salmatec total output 6 t/h Consists of pellet presses with capacity 6 tons/hour With drum dryer - capacity 3 tons/hour With silos for dry material and pellets

Band sawmill with log band saw Canali Primultini Nicholson Bruks Esterer Vollmer

Complete sawmill log feeding for log length 3 -5 meters diameter up to 1,2 meter Metal detector Mesutronic Log crosscut saw Root reducer Bruks Nicholson debarker Log band saw Primultini - 3 trestles band saw Canali-Pacific with 1600 mm rollers Primultini twin band resaw Trimming circular saw Esterer BNK 200 Green- sorting with belt boxes Packing Complete disposal with drum chipper ...

Four-side planing machine REX HOMS 630W, YC 1989

Four side planer Planer REX HOMS 630 W Working width max. 600 mm Working height 300 mm 4 shaft 2 Beveling device top

Drum dryer with hot air boiler FIEDLER 1 MW, YC 2006

Drum dryer with hot air boiler FIEDLER 1 MW, YC 2006 Scope of supply: 1. Boiler Friedler 1 MW with mixing chamber 2. Filling hopper with dosing screw 3. Drum dryer 4. Drum frame with drive 5. Cyclone, Fan, and star feeder 6. Conveyor screw 7. SPS control cabinet Boiler Fiedler 1 MW with mixing chamber Nominal capacity 1,0 MW acceptable fuels Uncontaminated wood pulp, sawdust, ...

Debarker Nicholson A5 YC 1989

Technical Specifications Debarker Nicholson A5 - 27" (686mm) high speed automatic Feed rate 60 m/min Conversion to new knife arm system Conversion to new feed rollers with exchangeable teeth Feed rollers and knife pressure pneumatic Including feed motor (45kW) and rotor motor (75kW)

Hammermill EuroMilling EUBL-1250, YC 2018

Rotor diameter 1250 mm Main engine 450 kW (400 or 690 V) capacity up to approx. 12 tons / hour Included : Feeding with 4 augers - FU controlled Main engine 450 kW Switch cabinet for the main motor Switch cabinet with Siemens S7 control system Exhaust fan 30 KW Filter/ Cyclones Mounting construction for the mill and filter with 2 discharge screws Rotary valve

Debarker CHE Johanson YC 1991

Technical Specifications Rotor opening: 660 mm Rotor motor: 37 kW

circular sawing machine ESTERER DK 90 T1 P, YC 1992

circular sawing machine ESTERER DK 90 T1 P, YC 1992 With 2 adjustable saws Cut height to 160 mm Engine 110 kW With mechanisation in the finish and outlet
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