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Bioflamm Heating systems, YC 2006


Bioflamm Heating systems, on woodworking waste
Power range: 750 kW
Fuels: Pellets, wood chips, timber materials
Max. water content: 25%
Made in Germany
SKU: 1600-01

Biomass consumption:
At rated power of 700 kW and work about 1,800 hours a year requires 319 tons of Wood chips, shavings and sawdust 
Material for combustion: 100 % shavings, max. water Content of 25 %
Size 30 x 15 x 5 mm  without impurities and without metal
Bark and sawdust must first be mixed with the wood chips.
It is necessary to take into account that at the same time not more than:
- 30 % of the total mass bark
- be 30 % of the total mass raw sawdust chips.

1. Hydraulic feed  
2. Loading device  
3. Combustion chamber Bioflamm SR-EB 8 / V8 -E power 700-750 kW  
4. Mobile soil, ash discharge  
5. Control cabinet 

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